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We have a rich, vibrant, and engaging Religious Education program at UUSM.  Our learning program nurtures the foundations of a meaningful, relevant, and vibrant faith.  We honor each individual’s need for and right to quest throughout life for meaningful truth while emphasizing the importance of relationship, inter-dependence, and connection to the our human community and the earth.


We value our children and youth. Children and youth have the opportunity to question and learn, to worship, to engage in service projects to benefit our community, and to participate in activities that promote connection with peers and adults.


We understand that religious education begins with the family.  We strive to support parents and assist children and youth in their personal search for truth and meaning.


All adults, parents and non-parents alike, are encouraged to participate in our Adult Religious Education programs. We provide opportunities to learn more about Unitarian Universalism, spiritual practice and personal theology, along with a variety of other topics such as current events and world religions.