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UUSM Awards

We recognize our volunteers with three awards: Sofia Lyon Fahs
Award, the Ann Benner Award, and the Kay McCann Award


Sofia Lyon Fahs Award

The Sofia Lyon Fahs Award is an annual award honoring
outstanding service in religious education to children and youth
at UUSM. Sophia Lyon Fahs was a Unitarian theologian who
dedicated her life to the religious education of children. At
UUSM there are many dedicated, talented, and innovative
teachers who deserve special recognition for their efforts.
Recipients must be actively involved in the children and youth
RE program and not currently paid for their contribution. It is
given at the congregational meeting in June.


Ann Benner Award

The Ann Benner Award is an annual award honoring member(s)
who best exemplify UUSM member Ann Benner's spirit and
dedication to the fellowship and community. It is awarded for
significant and sustained volunteer work within both the
congregation and the community. Even in a congregation filled
with dedicated and talented people, there are those whose efforts
are truly exemplary-even inspirational-but who often labor year in
and year out without fanfare because that, after all, is the nature of
volunteerism: putting others before self. This is our opportunity
to recognize these exceptional people. Recipients must be
members of the congregation and not currently paid staff. It was
established by the Board in 1976 and is given to 1–4 people at
the April congregational meeting.


Kay McCann Award

The Kay McCann Award is an award given on occasion that
honors those who have shown outstanding leadership in social
justice for UUSM and our larger community, working for peace,
justice, and equality for all peoples. Catherine Minor McCann
was a UUSM member and Peace Activist who was truly devoted
to justice, equality and a sustainable earth. She marched, she
petitioned, she wrote letters to the editor, she called her elected
representatives, and she went to Washington D.C. in support of
many causes. The award may be presented to a UUSM member
or a member of the community at large, and is given at the June
congregational meeting.