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Preparing for Membership


We ask that you attend worship regularly.

Worship is the central act of our community; it is our time of gathering for strengthening, for reflection and celebration, and for learning about what the church is engaged in. Simple miracles unfold each time we gather! We ask you to participate in the ongoing conversation that occurs here at church.

Spiritual Growth

We welcome you as you are, but we don’t expect you to remain as you are.

As a member we expect you will cultivate your spiritual life, and we want to help support you.  We invite you to participate in our transformational learning community.


Financial support is essential to the health of the congregation.

We require active members to make a pledge of financial support that is aligned with your circumstances. Consult with the minister or with membership/welcome team members for clarification.

Foundations of Fellowship

We ask you to serve approximately one Sunday each month in any of these ways you choose.

Each member is expected to pitch in with the basic tasks that help our community to thrive – e.g., greeting, ushering, sound system operation, Coffee Hour hosting, children’s Coffee Hour healthy-treat provider, etc. The Foundations of Fellowship opportunities are found on the pledge form in the Membership Enrollment Kit.

Find Your Ministry

We will provide resources for you as you listen to where you are being called to grow in your life, and we ask you to practice that ministry here in the congregation.

We want to support you as you discern the ministry that you are called to live out in the world. Exploring your ministry - or your plan to nurture our community and the world - is an essential part of this congregation.  How will you know if it’s a ministry area for you? You’ll know because it will feel like a nourishing, energizing commitment. We recognize that ministry takes many forms, from organizing for justice, to teaching, to hammering nails, to singing, to fund raising, to visiting the sick.

Sharing the Vision

We ask that you share how this community is a positive influence in your life with your friends.

Too many people have said that they had no idea we existed, and wish that they had years earlier. We don’t want to be a well-kept secret!  Spread the word.

Participate in our Democracy

We ask that our members keep themselves informed about the congregation’s direction and participate in our governance.

Congregational meetings are held a few times a year.

Next Steps...

     Attend a Newcomers Circle.

This activity typically takes place once each month, between the two Sunday-morning worship services. Check the Order of Service on Sunday morning for details on upcoming sessions.

    Attend our 'Getting to Know UU' gathering.

This periodic Sunday orientation session and gathering is an informal opportunity to meet the minister and learn a little about Unitarian Universalism, our congregation, and its many activities. We spend time getting to know one another and learning more about this faith. We also talk about the expectations of membership. We share dessert, and childcare is provided.

    Have some fun!

Get to know more of us by attending social events, such as a potluck, our Annual Picnic, softball game, Annual Auction, or our seasonal Circle Dinners. These suppers are held monthly on Saturday nights, usually from January through April of each year. Responsibilities for hosting, food and beverage responsibilities rotate among participants.

If you have any questions at all, speak with the Minister or any member of the Board of directors.